Rock Hills High School

Business/Computer & FACS


'The Business/Computer Department at Rock Hills has two basic goals:


1)  Provide students with skills and knowledge for entry-level employment 


2)  Provide students with skills and knowledge to utilize in their own personal lives.


Students also have the opportunity to join the largest business student organization in the world--FBLA or Future Business Leaders of America.  

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Dr. Railsback's Zoom link for all classes second semester

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Classroom Expectations (Rules)
(as posted in classroom)


Students are expected to:

1) Complete all course assignments/activities by the due date given by the instructor

2) Be respectful to classmates and instructor

3) Do their own work; give credit where credit is due when writing papers

4) Be prepared to work each day just as one has to work when an adult

5) Be willing to do what it takes to do your best

6) Please maintain social distancing

7) If it isn't yours to touch, don't touch it

8) Pick up after yourself


Dr. Barbara Railsback

Rock Hills High School

109 East Main 

Mankato, KS  66956

785 378-3126

Future Business Leaders of America
Celebrating 79 Years of Leadership - 2021